When and how often will I get paid?

Commit2Care pay all contract and temporary staff on a weekly basis, every Friday. Payment is subject to us receiving a signed timesheet for the work completed.

How much will I get paid?

Hourly rates are usually based on your experience, grade, qualifications, assignment location and responsibilities. This rate is made known to you when you register and when any changes are applied.

Do temporary contractors get holiday pay?

Holiday pay is incorporated within your hourly rate. Permanent staff technically tend to receive a lower daily pay than temps.

I need a blank Timesheet copy. How do I get it?

Two options: Click here to find our Timesheet download page and save a copy to your computer, maybe even print a few so you’ve always got some. Alternatively, call us and we can arrange some to be posted out to you.

What is the Timesheet submission deadline?

Ideally, submit your Timesheet each Friday afternoon or at the end of your supply day if its a one-off day booking.

If you forget, the following Monday at 3pm is the cut-off time for those wishing to be paid on Friday, as opposed to the following week.

How do I send my Timesheet to Commit2Care?

You take a picture of your timesheet and upload it on our website here you can also scan or ta and email your Timesheet to info@surehealthcare24.co.uk (saving the file as a PDF, PNG or JPG).

If there is a Timesheet related problem, how will I know?

On the Tuesday morning, we send email and text message reminders to anyone who’s Timesheet is missing or not legible.

Do’s and Don’ts about completing Timesheets?

Do use BLACK INK to complete the Timesheet. Do keep your own copy. Do get it signed by the place of work.